The River Ash Churches

Living God's love in Albury, Little Hadham and Much Hadham

St Mary's Albury, St Cecilia's Little Hadham, St Andrew's Much Hadham and St Thomas' Perry Green

Tel: 01279 842609


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Who's who
















  Church Administrative Assistant

  Ms Fiona Forth










  Director of Music

  Mr Stephen Penton











  Churchwarden, St Mary's

  Dr Vanessa Daley












  Churchwarden, St Cecilia's

  Mrs Karin Green






  Churchwarden, St Andrew's and St Thomas'

  Mr Mark Crane











  Churchwarden, St Andrew's and St Thomas'

  Mr Nicholas Brent










  Honorary Assistant Minister

  Canon Michael McAdam












  Lay Leader of Worship

  Mr Mark Stephens

   Tel: 01279 843167




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