The River Ash Churches

Living God's love in Albury, Little Hadham and Much Hadham

St Mary's Albury, St Cecilia's Little Hadham, St Andrew's Much Hadham and St Thomas' Perry Green

Tel: 01279 842609


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River Ash Churches Bellringers

We are a thriving band with a Tuesday evening practice at the eight bells of

St Andrew's, Much Hadham and a Wednesday morning practice at the six

bells of St Cecilia's, Little Hadham, with Sunday service ringing

(and weddings and other special events) also covering St Mary's, Albury.


Would you like to:

- Meet new people in the villages? Or

- Join a new team-based all-weather activity at no cost? Or

- Be a part of the big events in the church and village calendars? Or

- Play a 600-year-old musical instrument, still doing what it was made to do? Or

- Learn a challenging skill where you can be part of the band in a few months, but where there'll    be more to learn for the rest of your life? Or

- Have the satisfaction of mastering control of the weight of a small car? Or

- Find a 'Skill' listed in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme to learn? Or 

- Do something that stimulates the brain and gently keeps you fit? And

- Are you aged between 10 and 110?


If any of those appeal, do arrange to have a go using the details here with no obligation

to continue afterwards. Those contact details will work for St Andrew's, St Cecilia's and St Mary's, Albury.

Strength is not required - 10-year-olds can ring as peers to adults when trained. Parents and

children can (and do) learn side-by-side.

Great musicality is not needed, the bells have their own rhythm. 

Ringers at a weekly practice night

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