The River Ash Churches

A space for our church members to share their prayers

St Mary’s Albury, 17 March 2019

Lord we hear again of acts of violence and terrorism all around the world
And we feel anger and helplessness.
We feel anger that people can hate so much
In such a world of beauty,
And in a world where there is already so much hardship.
We feel helplessness when it seems there is so little we can do
To counter this hatred,
Or ease the pain of those caught up in such events.
Teach us then Lord to find understanding, tolerance and love.
Help us to reject the cries for counter violence
Or for knee jerk reactions which solve nothing.
Despite everything, keep us in your ways.
Lord in your mercy ………………….
We thank you God for the world you have given us
And all within it that speaks of you.
We thank you for all that is beautiful.
All that causes us to catch our breath in wonder
And points to your hand in creation.
We thank you for the gift of love, given and received,
Speaking to us of your own great love for us.
Lord in your mercy ……
We thank you for family life,
Reminding us of the great family of your people
To which we belong.
Loving God - open our eyes to your presence around us
 to your love that surrounds us each day
And to your hand that is always at work
Speak to us through both the ordinary and special things of life
That through them we know you more fully.
Lord in your mercy ………..
Loving God, as we come together today we bring you our thanks -
For this place where we come and share fellowship led by Steve .
For this church dedicated to worshipping you
And for this time set apart from the daily tasks of life,
So that we can offer you our praise,
Reflect on your word and seek your will.
We thank you for everything that coming here means to us.
Lord in your mercy ………
We pray for those who, for a variety of reasons,
Are unable to worship with us.
Those confined to their homes
Those no longer fit enough to get out and about,
Those in hospital,
Those looking after loved ones
May each of these, our friends,
Know that they are still much remembered, much valued, much cared about.
Whatever their situation, may they know you close by their side,
Joined with us in the fellowship of Christ.
Lord in your mercy …………
May all our journeys be pilgrimages,
And when we reach a new milestone
May it be a starting point
of positive change and another way of life to your glory.
Merciful Father  ……………



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